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If you want to have higher degree after you graduate in college, a masters degree is a good choice. At Authentic Degree, we offer accredited online masters degree program.

Degree TypeMaster’s Degree
Details A Master’s Degree is usually a one or two years of study aftera Bachelor’s Degree. In Europe, it is called a “magister” degree.
Price: US$390
Years of Experience recommended: 4 years
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If you have the aim to earn a master’s degree online then you have to choice the right place and time.  The popularity of accredited online masters degree has been skyrocketed in the modern years.  According to the recent researches, nearly 4 million Americans were studding online in 2011. The enrollment numbers have increased day by day for several reasons,

  • One of which is easy communication for online learners
  • Online programs have become more prestigious and numerous so, more and more professional are connected to online master’s degree.

What is meant by “accredited”? The accredited online masters degree is a degree program, which is judged by a particular association to operate it at the best quality level.  If you are enrolling yourself in an accredited online program, you will ensure that your degree must be recognized by the reputed schools and other succeed employers. For you secure future, you have to avoid the fake institutions offering diplomas that are worthless degree.  The USA department of education does not take responsibility to accredit colleges and universities, but it directly recognizes some private agencies to do this. These agencies are working on the non-profit organization such as, Middle states Association for school and colleges and distance education and training council.

Which subject can be learned online? Accredited online masters degree is offered for about any topic including education, business administration, science, mass communication, and technology. These are most popular online program categories.  Latest technology makes the possible earn any sort of master’s degree from any distance. Some popular master’s degree topic areas are:

      • Accounting
      • Education
      • Banking
      • Dentistry
      • Agriculture
      • History
      • English
      • Engineering
      • Law
      • Management
      • Hospitality
      •  Pharmacy
      • Nursing
      • Transportation
      • Psychology

The entire above topics has been developed and inspired by the adult learners so; you will find the best studding structure and the material content within its curriculum. The instructors’ supporting behavior and interactive media will help to build a strong experience among the students. All the accredited online masters degree programs have been carefully designed to teach you the traditional points.  They will also fulfill the challenges of current, modern, and relevant approaches of any field.

Some key features and points of accredited online masters degree

  • Inquiring professional person

When you are studding with accredited online masters degree, it will be aim to expand your knowledge and practice to challenging level, and you will become an inquiring professional.

  • Management skills

The online learning gives you the ability to meet the challenges of landscape business in an effective way. Business success relates to project decisions, time management skills, and the ability to implement strategic changes.   Project management skills are the key to learn these abilities so, a core module of managing projects is designed in entire accredited online masters degree programs.

  • Leadership style

The first module of all accredited online masters degree programs is based on leading and learning in a dynamic Era. It will help you to utilize your personal skills and values to develop your own leadership style.  You will also follow a transformational journey for studies with effective goal achievement.

  • Professional and personal development plans for accredited online masters degree
  • A complete and comprehensive plan for the development professional and personal skills is introduced. You can grow your personal abilities on the journey of professional studies to achieve the remarkable goals.
  • An effective and realistic learning model for accredited online masters degree
  • All programs are designed in models. Each studding model is divided into short learning units. It makes you able to learn in bite size chunks, which can be utilized effectively and quickly.

The fastest and quickest accredited online masters degree

In the tradition of the campus master’s degree programs, learning typically requires one or two years for study. Online master’s degree program is reflecting mirror for the tradition studding format. Now a day’s modern schools offer more flexible option to study at your own place. Thus, executive MBA program, has been learned on an accelerated or part time bases if desire.

Timing for accredited online masters degree program

Accredited online master’s degree program offers you different enrolment times. Some school allows you to start studies in the section of fall and others offer to start in the fall, spring, or summer as you needed. Some American Military schools offer a new class or courses every month.

Availing of scholarship for online study

Yes, you can avail the scholarship, when you are going to apply for accredited online masters degree, you will be invited to fulfill the FAFSA (the free application for federal student Aid). These forms help your school’s management to provide you the necessary financial assistance.  The aid package includes the grants, scholarship, loans, and other some financial assistance. As long as your study is accredited, you will be eligible for necessary federal funding if you were campus based schooling student.

Application for online program process

Applying to accredited online masters degree is not different from traditional master’s degree. Depending on the competitiveness of degree, you will need for the transcript from the previous institutions, standardized test scores from GRE or GMAT.  You will need some letters of recommendation. Admission committees require some portfolio of your previous work or live audition.  Interviews are common which can be completed on internet or telephone.

In the bottom, accredited online masters degree is the easiest and convenient way to learn without leaving your homeland or disturbing your professional life.