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If you want to have a more specialized degree aside from further studies, a professional diploma is a good choice. At Authentic Degree, we offer accredited online degrees in professional diploma.

Degree TypeHonorary Doctorate
Details This degree is usually awarded to formally recognize individual’s contributions to particular area, community service or philanthropic efforts.
Price: US$690
Years of Experience recommended: 8 years
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In our today’s world the internet not only offers information on where one can acquire tertiary education, but also students are able to register, learn and acquire accredited online degrees. This has made it convenient for students who are working or even raising families to attain higher education. However before choosing to study online one should consider a number of factors. Amongst them and the most important is consideration of whether you choose to study in an accredited or non accredited institution. Accreditation is a validation process that ensures that the accredited online degrees being offered comply with a given set of standards. Accreditation is not compulsory for institutions offering higher education, thus not all degrees offered online are accredited. The student should therefore conduct a thorough research on the internet before registering for any online degree program.hgh

Accredited online degrees are considered to be reputable. Accreditation guarantees that you will receive quality education. This is because the relevant degree programs are certified and you will be sure that you are learning the correct syllabus. Education is costly and you wouldn’t want to invest a lot of money and obtain poor quality education. Plus if the school fails to perform well, the accrediting organization can step in to make sure that learning is improved by helping identify the loopholes. The main aim of the accrediting organization is to ensure that the institution continually provides quality education.

It is important to consider accreditation as this may affect future plans to further your education. For those willing to pursue accredited online degrees, then you will be required to provide information on your previous academic achievement. For example a holder of a bachelor’s degree, who wants to pursue a master’s degree, will first have to provide documents and information on where he studied. If the bachelor’s degree was not attained from an accredited institution then his or her application for the master’s degree could be rejected. Therefore, regardless of your education level, accredited online degrees are a better choice.

Most employers consider graduates from accredited institutions to be more competent and reliable. This is because they are sure that the education offered in these institutions is of high quality and in line with the set standards of the individual profession. Therefore holders of accredited online degrees, increase their chances of securing employment. The job market today has become very competitive and choosing accredited online degrees, increases your marketability. Education is an investment; therefore choose wisely when investing as this will determine what you leap.

Other than affecting your chances of being employed, getting accredited online degrees from an accredited organization or a non accredited organization will influence your registration by the various professional bodies. Some professions such as nursing, law, nutrition and medicine among others require that after completing your education you get registered with the relevant professional body before you start practicing. The registration process will require you to provide details of your academic achievements and then take an exam. Most of these professional bodies only allow individuals with accredited online degrees to take the exam. Therefore choose where to study wisely as so may spend a lot of time and money studying only to end up being told you are not qualified enough to practice your profession.

Financial aid is sometimes provided by the government and other private bodies to students who cannot fully afford to pay for their accredited online degrees. However assessing such loans is not automatic and one has to meet certain qualifications. Some of these institutions will provide loans only to those students who are enrolled in accredited institutions. Therefore if you are considering seeking help to finance your education, it will be important to choose institutions offering accredited online degrees.

Carrying an online research for accredited online degrees to determine whether an institution is accredited, does not only involve only checking whether the individual institution is accredited but it also involves checking whether the accrediting agency is of good reputation. When you open a certain institutions website, if it is accredited, then it should provide details of the accreditation and names of the accrediting agency/ agencies.  Browse the internet to determine qualifications of the accrediting agency and achievements. In case of any doubts, consider consulting the relevant professional bodies and other in charge of higher education for help. This will guarantee the authenticity of the accredited online degrees the institution is offering.

Education is an important investment of one’s life, thus students should consider of the benefits that come with getting education from an accredited institution as opposed to non accredited institutions before registering for any programs online. Accredited online degrees have a wide range of benefits and students should take advantage of these benefits.